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Finding new places. Reaching new heights. New tracks to be cut. Adventures to be had. Wherever your journey takes you, Back Country Cuisine provides the fuel you need to keep going, to keep discovering, to keep adventuring.


Full Freeze dried Cooked breakfast in the morning!


Fast, nourishing food for adventurers – it’s what we do.   We’ve made it our mission to produce fast nourishing food that’s lightweight, so a healthy delicious re-fuel while adventuring is never a problem. Wherever it is and no matter the pace, we’ll keep you going. Back Country Cuisine keeps the adventure going. We produce unique Freeze Dri meals and other products which easily rehydrate when water is added to the pouch.  Our extensive range of tasty offerings include breakfasts, desserts and full meals.


Based in the southernmost city in the world, Invercargill, at the bottom of New Zealand, Back Country Cuisine was established in 1998 when it took over the freeze-dried meal business founded by the Alliance Freezing Company. Alliance was a pioneer in freeze-dry processing for military and commercial use. Since then, we’ve taken freeze dried food to the next level by focusing on and growing with adventure sport. We have developed a large range of delicious meals and accompaniments, that meet the low weight, high nutritional needs of even the most demanding adventurers.

We also like to keep things local. Many raw ingredients, including meat and vegetables, are produced by food processors in Invercargill. Our region is something of a gourmet food box, and with our amazing world class food producers, we are proud to source locally as much as possible. The best in the world for the best in the bag, ready for you to experience on your next adventure. The Outdoor Gourmet Company and The Freeze Dried Bait Company are brands of Back Country Cuisine.

Back Country Cuisine is so easy to prepare!
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